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We love to collaborate with home owners, craftsmen, artists, architects or designers to mill and build custom components, furniture, or any other wood product you need for your project. Bring us your ideas!Contact Us Now

An Environmentally Responsible Choice

The carbon footprint of our products is very small because at every step of the journey from seedling to finished product energy expenditure is minimized. No energy goes into growing our trees — they are “volunteers”! Because everything stays within the county, transportation energy is minimized. Our wood curing kiln is solar-powered and our woodworking machines are small and energy efficient.

The slow growth of urban trees makes their wood very similar to the dense, stable wood associated with “old growth” forests. The slow, gentle drying process of our solar kiln further enhances our wood’s quality and stability, drying it to any specific moisture content we choose and sterilizing it at the same time.

About Us

Rob Bjorklund is owner and founder of Localwood.net. He is based in Santa Barbara, CA and has been with Logosol, Inc. since their beginning in the U.S.. Rob has previously worked with the inventor of the mill in Sweden. He has actively promoted the sawmill and pioneered the concept of the Woodworkers Mill, a mill developed for the woodworker exclusively. He constantly promotes urban milling, especially taking trees that are otherwise destined for a log dump or grinding yard and cutting them into valuable lumber. He has obtained logs in all types of places and cities across the U.S. for milling demonstrations at The Woodworking Shows. He demonstrates many weekends throughout the year at these shows, providing education on handling, milling and proper use and care of milling equipment, as well as safe use of these techniques.

Our Services

Custom Flooring

This our passion. There is nothing like walking on a floor of richly colored planks of exotic wood cut from recycled trees. Our flooring is offered in various species, depending upon current supply. Localwood.net can provide just the wood or turnkey installation.

Custom Sawmilling

Localwood.net provides full milling services right here. We cut custom lumber from your own trees or trees slated for removal from the local urban forest. We offer specialized cuts such as book matching, artist wood, slab cuts, sign cuts and many more.

Moulding and Planing

We use unique machines that surface four sides in a single pass. We offer custom moulding such as picture frames, base board and crown moulding, T&G, ship-lap for siding and planing.

Custom Furniture

Our furniture is simple, strong, heavy and features a natural, rustic style. We can work with you to make any vision a reality.