Why Should You Pick Parquet Wood For Your Flooring?

Why in the world would you ever pick parquet wood flooring for your home? You might be surprised at how many reasons there are to consider it.

Parquet flooring isn’t anything new. We can trace its origins as far back as the 15th century. Just several years ago, many thought this kind of flooring was old and outdated. Having said that, parquet wood flooring has rocketed back into style. The growing popularity has several different reasons fuelling it, so lets’ go over the specific factors making it popular once more. Once you know, we’re sure you’ll want some laid down in your very own home too!

What Exactly Is It?

Before we go into all the facets making parquet flooring so on-trend, let’s first discuss what it is exactly. Parquet flooring is comprised of wood strips, typically arranged in geometric patterns that result in an intricate and even luxurious visual aesthetic. Social media has certainly helped fuel the demand for parquet wood flooring, leaving quite a few of us with a taste of something genuine. Parquet flooring is both available as solid or engineered wood, and there are even several luxury vinyl tiles made to be an arrangement of parquet flooring.

Easy On The Eyes

One big reason anyone picks a style of flooring is just how it looks. You really shouldn’t splurge for any flooring you don’t like. Homeowners that choose parquet flooring do so because of how great it looks. It’s well-known for being something that adds a premium look to any home it’s in. This likely harkens back to how older manor houses had it. Good designs make the floor stand out on its own so it doesn’t just slip into the visual background, so to speak, meaning your home gets a lot more identity. Even better, parquet is highly versatile and can work with nearly all interior decor, whether you’ve gone with traditional or contemporary. If you’d like to impress anyone you have over, then parquet is a surefire winner, especially since it’s so decidedly on-trend.

Lots Of Choices

You have plenty of options in the world of parquet wood. There aren’t many different flooring options providing patterns nearly so intricate, able to work just as well in a small room or a huge one. Having said that, parquet works well in big rooms because it gives them a sense of proportion.

Parquet flooring has an elegant look because the intricate designs look like they were accomplished through sophisticated manual labour. You can rectangles, squares, triangles, and more, so you can just select just what you’re looking for.

The spectrum of possibilities isn’t restricted to just the plank arrangements. There are many kinds of finishing, colour, and wood from which you can individualise your home’s new flooring to suit your specific tastes. You can even decide on things like a lacquered oiled brushed finish if you want to open up a new world of possibilities.

Unbelievable Durability

Are you already familiar with wooden flooring? If so, then you already know just how sturdy it can be. Wood flooring should last you a lifetime. It might even outlive you! It’s often the most durable flooring option on the modern market, and it has the extra benefit of being something you can sand down and refinish. Wooden flooring has the strength to withstand plenty of foot traffic, making it great for living rooms and hallways.

You do need to remember that wood flooring’s durability is based on its thickness or wear layer. Something with a bigger wear layer or thickness will endure longer than an option with less, but the cost also goes up. This balancing act is something you need to decide for yourself.

Pragmatic Parquet

You don’t want any flooring that will stress you out and have to constantly worry over. Fortunately, wood flooring has relatively simple maintenance and upkeep too. Having said that, scratches and stains can happen. Also, water contact is a big no-no. Still, it’s superior to carpet, especially when just one spilt glass of wine means doom. Although wood flooring stains, it’s far easier to salvage than rug or carpet. Also, parquet has visually busy patterns that help disguise damage.

Allergens And Cleaning Parquet Flooring

Many of us currently suffer from various allergens, which means it’s something to consider when picking your next flooring for your home. You might not know this, but the kind of flooring your home has can be an allergy trigger. Carpet and rugs are the worst, given how they become home to debris and dust. On the other hand, wood flooring is great for anyone with allergies, because nothing gets to remain on the surface long. Some quick sweeping and an occasional mopping every few days keeps everything hygienic and pristine. With wood flooring, you truly get what you see.

Not long ago parquet wood flooring was considered antiquated and out of style. Now, it’s back with a vengeance, and you know why.